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Let’s mitigate climate change By
Planting Trees

Changing how Trees are Grown

Intrinsic Methods, LLC with its partner RootMaker® Products Company based in Huntsville, Alabama are dedicated to changing how trees are grown.  The persistent poor performance of conventionally grown trees that inhibits the billions of trees needed can be transformed by RootMaker technology.  The patented RootMaker® system has a 20-year documented proof of 2 to 3 times faster growth as well as transplant survivability greater than 95%.  For the carbon offset market, RootMaker® grown trees provide carbon sequestration annually of 200-300% more than any other growing system.  Intrinsic Methods, LLC will offer FMUs developed by RootMaker Certified Growers to satisfy the demand for verifiable voluntary carbon offsets.

By bringing blockchain to global climate initiatives, the industry can more quickly verify and certify NFT carbon credits, eliminate the potential for fraud, and even guarantee the offset is removing carbon for the long term.  “Intrinsic Methods plans on being the gold standard for voluntary CO2 offsets.”

The Problem

According to findings in the journal ‘Science’, we can mitigate climate change by planting lots of trees. A trillion of them in fact, maybe even more.

Swiss scientists indicate this unprecedented, large-scale tree planting will help to capture a huge amount of CO2. They calculated that over several decades these new trees could suck up almost 750 billion tons of heat-trapping CO2 from the atmosphere. That’s nearly as much carbon pollution as humans have emitted in the last 25 years.  However, reforestation efforts to date have failed or just resulted in some greenwashing.  Intrinsic Methods has a solution to this problem.  We must leverage the financial resources to plant 1 trillion trees worldwide while guaranteeing their success.  It is not important on how many trees we plant but how many thrive to remove the amount of CO2 necessary.

How It Works

Intrinsic Methods creates the NFT contract through the following process:

  1. Lists and manages full project details;
  2. Uses the RootMaker® protocol for tree growth.
  3. Facilitates the issuance of 1 CO2 Offset at par value of $15.
  4. Mints the CO2 Offset NFT share for purchase.
  5. Creates an  market similar to NASDAQ  of CO2 offsets between sellers and buyers;
  6. Maintains the status and growth of the CO2 offset using geotag and geospatial technology.
  7. Facilitates the landscape reforestation projects monitoring success to ensure integrity of the CO2 offset.
  8. Facilitates the financing of new projects to accelerate the reforestation of the earth.

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